Pitney Farm Sets Goal to

Accelerate Food Supplies 

Photography and Text By Lawrence White

The Pitney Farm property at 233 West Ave. in Saratoga Springs, has been active since it was purchased by Jonathan Pitney in 1862. His descendants continued to be owners until 2015. At that time, a partnership between the City and the Pitney family created a conservation easement made possible by a $1.13 million investment from the Saratoga Open Space Fund.

The farm property is 166 acres of open fields, stands of old-growth woods and wetland habitats. Farm programs include mixed-use vegetable gardens, small grain, and livestock farm operations, children and community gardens, educational and meeting spaces, and a myriad of educational projects that are open for the community.

The stated mission of Pitney Farm is to provide an active resource for healthy food in our community. At this time, their mission has never been more critical. According to the board of directors, they are prepared to immediately mobilize a response to the virus by tripling food donations to at least 15,000 pounds for local food pantries. Thanks to their new partnership with The Food Pantries for the Capital District, they will be capable of reaching 11 new pantries in Saratoga Springs and rural Saratoga County. That can mean survival for some families, and they are dead set on providing this help. 

However, they need to raise $10,000 to help make this happen and they are nearly half-way to their goal already.  


To offer a donation, or to find out more about Pitney Farm, click here.

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