Communicating With Images

Story and Images by Lawrence White

We certainly experience a lot of complaining about how our computers and phone devices have robbed us of our privacy and added to a sense of isolation. OK, I hear that. 

However, I have found that just the opposite is also true, particularly during these times of COVID isolation. 

For instance, if the pandemic had hit us 20 years ago, the large majority of us would not have been connected through the internet and certainly, there were no smartphones. That would have been serious isolation. 

Fortunately today we are all hooked on the internet and the great majority own smartphones so we can instantly talk to each other and even visit each other visually through various apps.

Due to the scandalous lack of virus testing available to U.S. citizens, my life's partner and I were separated for several weeks. She is working out of a hot spot area and could not get tested for a long duration.


Yet we constantly exchanged images and videos and every day we would take a Facetime walk on our property together so she could see the flowers as they grew into maturity and the wildlife that was visiting. I try to send her a flower image every morning. 

Of course, this is a far cry from experiencing life together in the same space, but it was fun during a time that could otherwise have been very depressing. 

I have put together a small gallery of the images and videos that I captured with my Smartphone and shared with her and close friends during this time. 

Surveying our land

Bob Checking

Things Out


Eating Healthy

Nichole Afternoon Sun

Sunset Loughberry Lake

Panoramic View From Veranda on New Building At SPAC

New Artwork

20 Second Video Of Pond and Creek 

Dangerous Tree On Neighbor Property

Threatens Our Home

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